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Beautiful floors are the best first impression of your facility for your guests and your employees. When your floors are well maintained, it provides a clean and safe working environment and enhances your professional image

Husky 1041 – Multi-Purpose Rejuvenator

Cleans and restores finished terrazzo, vinyl, and resilient tile flooring.  Contains a combination of surfactants, synthetic waxes, and solvents that provide a brilliant reflective shine.  May be used as a spray buff, mop-on restorer, or with auto scrubber equipment.  Meets or exceeds ASTM slip resistance requirements. Compatible for use with propane floor equipment. VOC CARB compliant.



Husky 1045 – Ultra Restorer

Clean, restore, and protect high gloss finish with this highly-concentrated, ultra high speed (UHS) floor finish / restorer. Easy-to-use, Husky 1045 is designed to reduce mop and machine drag and enhance burnishing results. Provides a brilliant reflective shine and is the perfect solution for “quick fix” jobs that require the same beautiful results as a complete refinishing session. Can be burnished while wet, minimizing down time.



Husky 404 – Floor Cleaner w/ Enzymes

Concentrated enzyme-fortified cleaner and degreaser. Attacks and eliminates grease and other contaminants to achieve a cleaner and safer floor surface. The enzymes in Husky 404 penetrate deep into porous surfaces and grout lines to attack a wide range of embedded soils grease and sugar based stains. Husky 404 also controls odors by breaking down odor causing organics.



Husky 700 – Multi-Purpose Detergent Cleaner

Highly concentrated, environmentally preferable general purpose cleaner effectively cleans all surfaces not harmed by water, including sealed wood, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, and vinyl. Use as a top scrub/re-coat cleaner prior to floor finish application. VOC Carb Compliant. Registered with the NSF Non-Food Compounds Program – A1, A4, C1. Dilution ratios range from 1 oz. – 4 oz. per gallon.



Husky 702 – Neutral Damp Mop Cleaner

Highly concentrated, environmentally preferable, neutral floor cleaner is rinse-free and effective for cleaning various flooring, including sealed wood, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, vinyl without leaving any film.  Ideal for use on high-traffic floor areas and on high-gloss floor finishes. Specifically formulated to clean and preserve Husky floor finishes. Registered to NSF Non-Food Compounds Program – A4, C1.



Husky 710 – Floor Cleaner & Neutralizer

Versatile floor cleaner eliminates alkalinity and salt film from both hard and soft surfaces.  Can be used as a floor cleaner during the winter season to remove salt or ice melt residue.  Safe for use in extractors and auto scrubbing equipment.



Simoniz Floor Cleaner

  • Simoniz AP-7 – Neutral/All Purpose Floor Cleaner
  • Simoniz Ultra Line – Restorer One Step


Husky 1018 – Everyday Durable Floor Finish

Durable finish levels easily and displays a natural shine. This floor finish can be applied to terrazzo, vinyl, vinyl composition, and other resilient tile flooring and is best suited for low-maintenance floor care programs. Exceeds ASTM slip resistance requirements. Contains 18% non-volatile solids.  VOC CARB Compliant.




Husky 1022 – Ultra Versatile Premium Floor Finish

Our most versatile and easy-to-apply floor finish is ideal for a variety of maintenance programs. Provides a brilliant gloss for terrazzo, vinyl, vinyl composition, and other resilient tile. Meets or exceeds ASTM slip resistant requirements. Contains 22% non-volatile solids. VOC CARB compliant.





Husky 1026 – Dry Bright Floor Finish

This ultra durable, high-gloss floor finish is ideal for low maintenance programs. Formulated for easy application, Husky 1026 leaves a bright gloss right off the mop. This high-solids finish is scuff and scratch resistant and retains a wet-look gloss even after multiple floor scrubs. It is easily restored with a top scrub and re-coat and can be burnished with high speed and propane equipment.




Husky 1030 – High Solids Premium Floor Finish

Ultra-high solids floor finish is highly durable and requires fewer coats to achieve exceptional gloss. Ideal for intermediate maintenance programs. Can be used on terrazzo, vinyl, vinyl composition, and other resilient tile flooring. Meets or exceeds ASTM slip resistance requirements. Contains 30% non-volatile solids. VOC CARB compliant.





Simoniz Floor Finish

  • Simoniz Premier Plus – High Gloss

Husky 707 – Super Charged Rinse Free

Rinse-free floor stripper exhibits unparalleled performance and cuts through the heaviest layers of floor finish and sealer on various flooring.  No neutralizing rinse is required and no residue is left behind to interfere with subsequent finish application.






Husky 708 – HD Low Odor Floor Stripper

Highly concentrated, low odor stripper quickly removes multiple coats of floor finish and sealer from resilient flooring. This formula is easy to work with and is perfect for use in healthcare, retail and educational facilities.



Simoniz Floor Stripper

  • Simoniz Zip Strip Floor Stripper

Husky 1000 – Semi-Permanent Resilient Floor and Concrete Sealer

• Semi-Permanent Performance
• Improves Base for Floor Finish
• Reduces Concrete Dusting
• Resists Stains



Basic Coatings Floor Sealer

  • Basic Coatings – Commercial Catalyzed Sealer


Carpet Cleaners:

Husky 1110 Extraction Carpet Cleaner

• Low Foaming
• Highly Concentrated
• Fast Acting
• Enzyme Fortified to Remove Soils and Odor-Causing Buildup
• Colorless Formula to Avoid Staining

Husky 1120 Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo

• Highly Concentrated
• High Foaming
• Dry Foam Lifts Soil From Fibers
• Enzyme Fortified to Remove Soils and Odor-Causing Buildup
• Encapsulates and Suspends Soils



Natra-dri Carpet Cleaning Compound

  • Works Great on Reoccurring Spots
  • Neutral PH
  • 99% Organic
  • Removes Soil Attracting Residues
  • Quickest Dry Time of Any Method
  • Cannot Over Wet Carpets

Nkapper Carpet Cleaner

  • Dissolves and soaks up the soil
  • Green Clean
  • Easy To Use
  • Traps carpet soil in compound
  • 98% organic and natural
  • Ideal for traffic lane & partial cleaning
  • No drying time

Carpet Spotters:

Gone Carpet Stain Remover

Features and Benefits:

*Formulated with the Perfect Concentration; No Chemicals to Mix or Dilute
*Directional Spray May Be Used from a Standing Position
*Will Not Harm Most Colorfast Carpets
*Leaves A Fresh, Pleasant Fragrance


Husky 1100 Bonnet Traffic Lane Solvent Spotter

• Versatile, Three Applications in One Formula
• Fast Acting
• Effectively Removes Petroleum Based Soils, Betadine & Iodine
• Biodegradable
• Enzyme Fortified to Remove Protein and Food Stains
• Colorless Formula to Avoid Staining



Husky 1150 Tannin Spotter

• Removes Browning, Rust, and Tannin-Based Stains
• Colorless Formula to Avoid Staining
• Peach Fragrance

Floor Matting*

  • Unilateral ribbed pattern on vinyl backing that traps moisture and protects floors
  • Quick drying and fade resistant
  • Retains moisture for increased cleaning efficiency
  • Surface made from 50% P.E.T. recycled fiber
  • Available in Charcoal and Brown, 3’x5′ and 4’x6′

Sponge Matting

  • Available by the Foot
*Many other Mat types available for special order. Order the size and type that fits your needs.