Silver Soak

  • Non-Chlorinated pre-soak designed to detarnish silverware
  • Lifts hard to remove soils from cutlery and dinnerware
  • Removes- dried food, carbon deposits, and stains
  • Liquid


  • Concentrated silverware pre-soak detergent with enzymes
  • Softens and loosens dried-on foods
  • Effective and mild to hands
  • Formula removes tarnish and stubborn dried on foods
  • Solid

Sani T Hard Surface Sanitizer

  • Designed for use in food processing plants, food service establishments, restaurants, bars, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, homes, dairies, anywhere where sanitization is of prime importance
  • Sanitizes dishes, glassware, utensils, and food processing equipment
  • Effective against: Escherichia coli, Escherichia coli 0157:H7, Staphylococcus aureus, Yersinia enterocolitica, and Listeria moncytogenes
  • May be used on washable, non-porous surfaces
  • Liquid


  • Multi-purpose no-rinse sanitizer
  • Effective against: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes
  • Effective in hard water conditions up to 400 ppm
  • Kosher certified
  • Solid

Sunburst Tempest Shield-Powdered Pan-Wash Detergent

  • Balanced low sudsing, free rinsing automatic pan-wash compound
  • Effective against heavy grease and crusted food residue
  • Non-caustic, non-corrosive
  • Chlorinated and de-foamed formula-white powder
  • Aluminum safe
  • Solid

Sunburst Solid Green 40 Pot and Pan Detergent

  • A highly sudsing detergent for manual utensil, pot and pan washing
  • Ideal for 3 bin sinks
  • Effective in removing greasy soils
  • Bio degradable surfactants
  • Contains no NPE’s or high pH corrosives
  • Kosher certified
  • Certified by the EPA Safer Choice Program
  • Solid

Sunburst Shamrock Solid Pot and Pan Detergent

  • A mild yet high sydsing pot and pan manual dishwashing detergent
  • Excellent performance in all water conditions
  • Formulated to remove greasy soils
  • Mild on hands
  • Solid

Husky 440 Hand Dish-wash Soap

  • High Sudsing
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Non-streaking
  • Free Rinsing
  • USDA Authorized A-1
  • Liquid

Superior Pot & Pan

  • Premium hand & dish-wash
  • Tough on food soils- proteins, starches, fats, and oils
  • High foaming-long lasting suds
  • Rinses quickly
  • Thinner formula
  • Liquid

Deluxe Pot & Pan

  • Premium hand & dish-wash for use in busy kitchen
  • Tough on food soils-proteins, starch, fats, and oils
  • High foaming-long lasting suds
  • Rinses easily and quickly
  • Thicker formula
  • Liquid

Stearns Pot & Pan Liquid ST-781

  • Manual dishwashing liquid
  • Removes grease and cooked on foods from pots, pans, steam tables, and utensils
  • Formulated to do the heavier types of cleaning where ordinary cleaning power is not sufficient
  • Liquid

Deluxe Pot & Pan

  • Tough on food soils-proteins, starches, fats, and oils
  • Highly concentrated premium detergent
  • Produces rich “grease eating” suds that cut through food soils
  • Contains suspending agents to keep grease and soils from redepositing on dishes
  • Liquid

Multi-Temp Dish Detergent

  • Premium dish detergent
  • Excellent food and grease removal
  • Removes a wide range of organic and man-made soils from stainless, iron, silver, copper and fine china ware
  • Effective in hot or cold water systems
  • Liquid

Solid Green 98

  • Designed to remove the heaviest food soils from dishes, utensils and cookware
  • Effective in high or low temperature dish machines
  • Formulation prevents water hardness films forming on dish ware
  • Contains no APEs or NPEs
  • Especially formulated for harder water conditions
  • Solid

Solid Performance

  • Removes heavy food soils, strips stains off dishes and cuts coffee stains on contact
  • Superior effectiveness in hard water resulting in clear, spot-free dishware
  • Effective in low or high temp dish machines
  • Kosher certified
  • Solid

Premier Prime Power Solid Dish Detergent

  • Formulated with ingredients that make the toughest water and stubborn soils disappear
  • Do not use on soft metals such as aluminum or pewter
  • Solid

Multi-Temp Rinse Aid

  • Concentrated rinse additive provides rapid drying to eliminate water spotting
  • Performs under a wide range of water hardness to prevent deposition of solids
  • Reduces surface tension, providing clean, spot-free dishware
  • Liquid

Solid Green 23 Rinse Aid

  • Eliminates water spots and decreases drying time
  • Can be used in low or high temp machines
  • Kosher certified
  • Contains no APEs, NPEs, or high pH materials
  • Solid

Pro Select D-Limer Lime Remover

  • Concentrated acidic liquid for use in dish machines to dissolve light to medium scale buildup
  • Contains surfactant and emulsifiers to penetrate and remove lime and other difficult deposits
  • Recommended for use on food service equipment: stainless steel, steam tables, food preparation equipment, and coffee urns
  • Liquid