Regular TPRegular Toilet Tissue

Jumbo TP9” Jumbo

LoCore TPLow Core

Center PullCenter Pull Towel

HouseholdHousehold Roll Towel

hardwoundrolltowel     Hardwound Roll Towel

**Brown or White**

C-Fold Towel

MultiFold TowelMulti-Fold Towel

Single FoldSingle-Fold Towel


Primesource, Puffs & Livi Boutique

(box designs may vary)

Folded Towel

16/140 2-Ply #192122 Windshield Towel 9″X 10.25″ Blue

20/50 #DRC3300-2 Berk White Towel 1/4 fold 13″X 13″

Pop Up Wipes/Towel

12/68 Kim Towel 47000 Wipe 12.5″X 12″ Banded Tan

12/76 Wypall X70 Workhorse #41200 White Pop Up Wipe 12.5″X 14.4″

10/126 Teri-Towel #34790 Wypall X60 Popup Towel

1/152 Wypall Workhorse 41300 Wipes 12.5″X 16.8″ White Lint Free

10/90 Brawny #200700 1-Ply Wiper White

Center Pull Wipes/Towel

440/#132451A Tork Mechanic Blue Wipe Center Pull Towel 10″

2/325 #DRC-3400CP2 Berk White 1 Ply Center Pull Towel 9″X 12″

Canister with Wipes & Cleaning Solution

6/70 #PN28707706 Kresto Kwik Wipes Canister Citrus

6/70 #4000000713 Kresto Cherry Wipes

6/90 #MW-60-CP-Chemwipe Berk Towels with 1 Bucket Wiper Dispensing System